Presented at the 2012 Emerging Media Conference in San Francisco, ThisNext was one of the top new media in the social, mobile, and gaming space. This presentation by Matt Edelman inspired attendees with the new and innovative ways they are changing how we shop online.

ThisNext is a social shopping website with a focus on product reviews and finding the next big thing. It has the basic features of a social network with the ability to add friends, rate comments, and give kudos. While there are better places to get product reviews, not many combine it with the social aspect of ThisNext, and neat features like watching others shop helps set ThisNext apart.

The Maven program is also a very unique part of the site. There are plenty of places on the web to get product reviews, but the Maven program is sets ThisNext apart from the rest. Mavens are those who have been determined to be trend setters based on their recommendations. And it’s not just for bragging rights. If you are selected as a Maven, you can get special offers and sneak peeks at products.

But the neat part is the effect the Maven program can have on other shoppers. Want to hook into the next big thing? Befriend a Maven and watch their recommendations.

Founded in 2006 by a team of seasoned internet entrepreneurs, has changed the way people discover and shop for products online. Today, Santa Monica-based ThisNext has become a must-visit website as part of every shopping trip – the ultimate social shopping destination for discovering the hottest products in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, home, and more.