Contribute Thought Leadership

EmMeCon provides industry professionals with a unique platform to showcase their thought leadership and help EmMeCon Members stay up-to-date in this every changing digital world we live in.

Digital marketing leaders, business professionals, entreprenuers, gaming developers, user interface designers, and many other professionals may contribute content that addresses trends, best practices, tools, case studies, and just genuine inspiration.

What to Submit

Content may be submitted in one of three forms:

  • Articles.  Brief articles or guest blog posts (600-1,000 words) that provide an overview of a topic, key issues, illustrative examples and/or suggested resources where EmMeCon Members can obtain further information.
  • White Papers.  Longer documents or presentations that provide deeper insight or case studies about a selected topic around emerging media technologies. Although white papers may suggest or introduce applicable technologies or services favored by the contributor, they should be largely neutral and focus on strategies, issues, case studies and tactics relevant to EmMeCon Members.
  • How To.  These videos or presentations should focus on the tactics, mechanics and success tips that will help EmMeCon Members fully understand how to perform a task. They should also candidly discuss barriers and obstacles an EmMeCon Member may face, along with best practices seedes within each step.


How To Submit

Contributions approved for posting on EmMeCon will include the name, title, company, and executive bio of the contributor (if provided).   EmMeCon will host the article on the website, with select articles provided to relevant Member levels (Essential=Beginner, Full=Intermediate, VIP=Advanced).

To submit an article to EmMeCon, fill out the form to the right with:

  1. Your name and contact information.
  2. A 2-4 paragraph bio of the contributor.
  3. A soft copy (MS Word or PDF) of the full article you wish to have published.
  4. The name, title, and company.  You may also attach a 100x 120 pixel high-res photo (.jpg or .png) to accompany the article.

EmMeCon editorial staff will review the article for publication and work with the contributor on suggested edits. We reserve the right to edit all submissions for clarity, organization, grammar, style, and length; substantive changes are subject to author approval.

Importantly, content must address issues faced by senior marketing executives, be well-written, and be largely vendor neutral.  EmMeCon editors reserve the right to determine whether the topic or style of submitted content is appropriate for EmMeCon Members and where the article will be available within the website.

For further information on submitting articles to EmMeCon, please send an email to