EmMeCon events are highly coveted by experienced speakers. The majority of our speakers are chosen very selectively from a list of professionals provided by staff, board members, and other event speakers. Most speakers have accredited backgrounds in lecturing at Universities or other prestigious events in the industry. The EmMeCon team also has an eye for up and coming talent and have plucked unknowns from their current positions and guided them through the speaking process creating polished and acclaimed speakers that have gone on to successful careers.

We do occasionally look to our internal queue in order to balance out the level of speakers that frequent our events with speakers that are either new to the circuit or are beneficial to our attendees. The end result is a complete balance of respected thought leaders that are recognized in the industry and new faces that help bring a fresh perspective to our challenging topics. Since our conferences are about inspiring attendees, we welcome and encourage pexperiences professionals, as well as professors and educators from colleges and universities spanning the globe.

We do ask that our speakers attend one of our events at least once, and ask that you pay for your travel and expenses when speaking.

While submitting your topic for consideration understand we are very structured with regards to discussion types and the caliber of topics we present to our attendees (given that the majority of our attendees are experienced decision makers for large corporations).

The Three Types of Discussion Topics

mini-Keynote: A 20-20 minute speech on a pressing topic or inspirational talk that fits within the theme of the overall event.
Panel Topic: one common topic with 2 different opinions (i.e. agency vs. in-house – search vs. social – gaming vs. mobile)
Presentation: A 15-20  minute presentation of your latest product or service in the social, mobile, or gaming space (EmMeCon only).

Please Note: No Public Relations or Assistants please.

We do ask that the person that wishes to speak fill out the form personally. Please do not contact our staff directly or fill out our contact form – this is the only means we use when considering speakers for the event.

Please be very specific about what you intend to cover, and most importantly how the audience will benefit from your topic.

Your Company wants to Sponsor?  That’s great! but we do not choose speakers based on a sponsorship. We do, however, provide a “lunch and learn” or a “dinner” via sponsorship that provides the means for a specific audience to see what you have to say while enjoying a fabulous meal.

Want to Speak at Search and Social® Hawaii?

Well today is your lucky day, because everyone gets to speak at our Search and Social® Hawaii! event. There is no approval process so there is no waiting to see if you get a chance to present your latest inspiration to this unique group of advanced marketers. All you need to do is register for the event just as any other attendee, and during the process let us know what you would like to talk about. If you have a discussion topic in mind and would like to lead the discussion with the room or the panel, just let us know. It’s that simple…