Emerging Media Conference Speakers San Francisco 2013

The Emerging Media Conference is presented by independent consultants and slated professionals who are influential experts in their field. Our attendees benefit from their years of knowledge and experience and also from the latest thinking and innovative processes driving individuals and organizations forward. Each speaker goes through a review process and direction with a updated list attendees, presentation approval, and guidance in ensuring their topic will bring the most value to our attendees.

This is a working list of those we have given a slot within the agenda to. As we get closer to our dates we may add or remove speakers depending on availability and/or final approval, so keep checking back often to see the updated list.

Cheryl Elizaga

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Get Social with Cheryl:

Social Engagement Specialist
The Buddy Group
Cheryl Elizaga is a Social Engagement Specialist at The Buddy Group, a […]

Warren Zenna

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Get Social with Warren:

Managing Director, Digital / Mobile Practice
Woods, Witt, Dealy & Sons
Warren has over 17 years of Digital […]

Scott Rickard

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Get Social with Scott:

Mr. Rickard has designed, developed and operated strategic and emerging media communications, intelligence and security infrastructure […]

Benj Arriola

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Get Social with Benj:
SEO Director
Internet Marketing Inc.
Benj has worked in the Internet marketing industry for the past 7 years […]

Ruben Quinones

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Get Social with Ruben:

Director of New Media
Path Interactive
Ruben Quinones is the Director of New Media @ Path Interactive where […]

Irene Koehler

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Get Social with Irene:

Social Media Strategist, Speaker, Consultant
Almost Savvy
After a seemingly endless career is corporate management, Irene escaped to […]

Simon Heseltine

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Get Social with Simon:

Director – SEO
AOL Inc.
Simon Heseltine is responsible for organic search and training across all AOL and Huffington […]

Kim Stuart

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Get Social with Kim:

14 years of online marketing and business development; varying positions with companies across a broad range of […]

Lisa Jean Moore

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Purchase College SUNY
Lisa Jean Moore is a medical sociologist and Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at Purchase College, State […]

Tom Lee

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Get Social with Tom:

Director of Product Management
Ex Royal Air Force Officer and Arabic interpreter who worked in most of the […]

Matt Schmidt

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Get Social with Matt:

Director, Interactive Production
Creative Lift
As a formally trained sociologist, Matt is obsessed with understanding the ways in which […]

Chase McMichael

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Get Social with Chase:

CEO and Co-Founder
Chase is a leader in cloud big data technologies co-founding InfiniGraph enabling better engagement through […]

Mark Cooper

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Get Social with Mark:

CMO and Co-founder
Mark is the CMO and Co-Founder of Offerpop, a fan marketing platform for Facebook and […]

Niall Harbison

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Get Social with Niall:

Founder & Director
Niall is an Irish entrepreneur who founded his latest business Simply Zesty in 2009 and […]

James Sinclair

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Get Social with James:

Vice President
CanWe Studios
James is a successful tech entrepreneur with a background in business incubation and angel funding. […]

Morgan Vawter

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Get Social with Morgan:

Director of Analytics
MEA Digital
Some say Morgan’s first word was “Internet.” Since then, she’s demonstrated an uncanny knack […]

Mitch Neff

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Get Social with Mitch:

Gurus and Experts in the Land of Make Believe
Mitch is a technophile, social strategist, startup junkie, and […]

Laura Baum

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Get Social with Laura:

Laura Baum is not your typical rabbi. She is a connector and innovator who functions best “outside […]

Christian Buckley

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Get Social with Christian:

Director of Evangelism
Christian Buckley is Director of Product Evangelism for Axceler, driving product awareness, SharePoint best practices, […]

Shawn Scheuer

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Get Social with Shawn:

CEO and Co-Founder
Moolah Media
As the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Moolah Media Shawn oversees the company’s […]

Todd Parsons

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Get Social with Todd:

Todd Parsons is the founder and CEO of ADITIVE. Previously a co-founder of BuzzLogic, Todd began
his […]

William (Bill) Leake

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Get Social with Bill:

Apogee Results
former McKinsey and Company consultant. Post-McKinsey, have served in a variety of progressively more challenging roles […]

Brandon Prebynski

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Get Social with Brandon:

Social Strategist / Tech Editor / Producer
Cisco / Pearson / Web Trends
Hi, I’m Brandon. I currently live […]

Bryan Boettger

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Get Social with Bryan:

The Buddy Group
Bryan Boettger is Chief Creative Officer of The Buddy Group, one of the fastest growing […]

Jeet Banerjee

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Get Social with Jeet:

19 year old serial entrepreneur, technology expert, consultant, and college student.

I created my first startup company at […]

Clark Dodsworth

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Get Social with Clark:

Osage Associates
Clark does product strategy and development with a focus on Context Awareness, the next big step […]

Eric Holtzclaw

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Get Social with Eric:

User Insight
As CEO and founding partner of User Insight, Eric Holtzclaw identifies strategic service offerings and oversees […]

Lindsey Port

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Get Social with Lindsey:

GLO Gaming
Lindsey Port’s GLO Gaming is THEE leader in unique marketing strategies in the online and mobile […]

Aaron Fossum

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Get Social with Aaron:

Managing Partner
Society Consulting
Aaron Fossum has been in the web analytics industry for over 12 years. Aaron has […]

Chanel Summers

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Get Social with Chanel:

Syndicate 17
Chanel Summers began her career as a pioneering designer and producer of video games, developing everything […]

Shravan Goli

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Get Social with Shravan:

An internet and technology veteran, Goli manages all aspects of Dictionary.com’s business and strategy. Dictionary.com is an […]

Pascal Schuback

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Emergency Management Program Manager
King County, Washington
Pascal Schuback is a Core member and the Seattle city lead for CrisisCommons. Pascal’s day […]

Lynne D Johnson

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Get Social with Lynne:

Digital and Social
Lynne d Johnson is a Content and Community Consultant developing content and community strategies that […]

Myron McMillin

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Cymbal Interactive
An innate talent for building and leading intensely loyal and exceptionally talented high-performing teams. Myron has over 10 years […]

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David Evans Ph.D.

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Lecturer, MCDM
University of Washington
David Evans earned his Ph.D. in social psychology in 1999 from the University of Iowa. His dissertation […]

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Laura Lippay

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With an eye for the big picture and a history in optimizing enterprise properties for online visibility, Laura Lippay has […]