At the 2012 Emerging Media Conference, Associate Professor at City University in Hong Kong, China Mike Yao discussed how social media is used by the people of China. As a Social Scientist Mike Yao has studied how China has developed a social network within a strict government socialist country.
“China is an exotic market that everyboy wants to get into.” He said during his talk at the Emerging Media Conference, “In order to get into it, it requires a much deeper understanding than a lot of international businesses are currently doing. There’s a huge gap in terms of how we understand this big animal and how we are going to approach it.”

Mike continues to talk about the differences between how the rest of the world tries to impose their standard social media marketing strategies to the people of China. But “China is the big elephant in this world stage.” as he stated, “The social change on every single level is non comprehend-able.”
Mike continued to discuss Chinese internet users and that they are are a lot more social than the rest of the world, and especially the United States (or “Western World” as he calls it). The people of China are a lot more active in contributing to social media. They write more blogs, they write more micro blogs, and then comment more. In fact, 83% of users contribute to micro blogging (the China version of “Twitter”). The China Government doesn’t want foreign companies to come in. In fact, they aren’t afraid of copying other company’s successful products such as Facebook and Twitter. For every signle international platform there is a domestic answer in China.
Mike continues to theorize that the reason why the people of China access social media more than any other country is that they use their smart phones more than the rest of the world. There are more people using public transportation and not driving, allowing them more time to access social media.
Mike’s talk was highly regarded at the 2012 Emerging Media Conference with a majority of the attendees giving feedback that it was the “most inspirational”, “highly informative”, “better than the Keynote with the Apple Co-Founder”, and just “Wow”.

Mike’s Slides