Our marketing efforts have been focused on primarily in-house professionals that have decision making abilities when it comes to all of their marketing needs. Most are coming to learn and advance their career with the intention to network with other executives from large corporations. We have found that sponsors who not only have a strong presence in branding throughout the conference but who talk and interact with the attendees are most successful. Our packages are carefully put together to help you get in front of the attendees in a memorable way and follow up with conversations for quality networking. In the end the attendees remember you out of all of our speakers and other attendees and walk away with information about your company that other conferences fail to provide.

Sponsorships are Limited

Because our attendee list is small and specialized we only allow for 2 major sponsors for the event as a whole. This ensures that not only do our sponsors receive special attention, but so that our attendees aren’t bombarded with advertising.

If your company is interested in sponsoring, fill out the form and a representative will contact you to streamline your package based on your budget and needs.