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Make Our Members Your Customers!
As a EmMeCon Partner your company, and the offer you propose, will be made available to EmMeCon Members only; on our webpage and in our newsletters, towards our thousands of members globally. Being a partner is an effortless, unique and free way to tap into the EmMeCon Membership fellowship, and make our members your customers.

Our members are diverse and technologically oriented. We want to make it even easier for our members to stay up-to-date with the latest in search, social, mobile, and gaming technologies, and we believe the Partner Program is an ideal way to accomplish that.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire professionals in the technology space, and we believe that working cooperatively with others in our industry is a way to meet that goal. The benefits we offer–professional credibility, training and support, a strong Board of Experts, conferences and more– complement benefits offered by other companies and organizations. Together, we can help our members move forward!

How It Works

If you represent a group, organization, or company that would like to join our Partner Program, please fill out the application. The name, linked URL, and the discount you offer will be displayed in our resources section for our members and announced regularly on our social channels (Facebook Page, Linkedin and Facebook Groups, various Twitter Handles, and more. All you need to do is come up with a unique discount or offer that is available EmMeCon Members only (must be valued more than any other offer you provide elsewhere).