EmMeCon events educate in a format that our founders have been using for years; taking common topics and presenting them in a way that inspires innovation. Our goal is to support our attendees to visualize technology advancement in ways that would not otherwise be possible. Our unique format provides methods of presenting the latest in technologies while combining old school networking encouraging fellowship.

There are 5 key factors that make our conferences unique:

  • Sessions: All of our sessions are held in one room so that no one is forced to choose between sessions. The layouts are either in a horseshoe layout so that no one’s back is to anyone else in the room, Our larger conference are in a classroom setting with tables and power strips in the first few rows so that attendees enjoy their coffee or tea, have space to keep their laptop computers on, and allow for speakers to engage the entire audience with each topic.We have 5 panel types that our speakers follow:
    1. Panel Topic: One or two people presenting on how attendees can benefit from the emerging technologies (from how to leverage localization strategies, when and where to use new technologies, etc)
    2. Presentation: A product or service unique in the technology space or a pressing topic, case study, or inspirational talk that fits within the theme of the overall event.
    3. Discussion: 3 or more industry experts on a panel led by a moderator in which pressing questions are asked and answered from the moderator and/or the audience.
    4. mini-Keynote: A shortened keynote style talk in which the topic and its content push the audience into new technological advances that inspire.
    5. Keynote: A highlighted topic with extended time covered by a highly respected industry leader (usually from a University or academic of some sort) that inspires the attendees to question where we are and where we want to go with technology. (example: Professor at Carnegie Mellon UniversityJesse Schell talks about Pleasure and how Gaming and Marketing play on it at theEmerging Media Conference in 2011)

    Instead of offering a separate space for people to take breaks, EmMeCon’s conferences have breaks in between panels allowing for conversations to continue at each table. From our experience most attendees will tend to mentally “check out” by the late afternoon from conference burn out. Therefore, we either end our day in the afternoon or we lighten the topics as we progress through the day.

  • Learning: Our agenda is developed by experienced educators in the industry. Each topic speaks to the average attendee and dig into pressing advanced language, finishing off with a summary and words that inspire. Most of our conferences offer a workshop or training before the event begins to aid those who are just starting out. This way everyone knows what is going on, and walk away with actionable ideas that they can immediately apply (whether they are beginner or advanced). No one walks away saying, “I didn’t understand anything they were saying.” or “That whole session was a waste of time. Tell me something I don’t know.”
  • Work Breaks: One of the common struggles while attending a conference is getting work done. Attendees may block out time away from the office, and even set their auto responder so that people sending them email know they are unavailable, but let’s face it, no one can ever really get away. Our sessions are so engaging that attendees find it difficult to get to emails while learning, so we set aside breaks that allow attendees ample time to check in with their office (and possibly get some work done) before heading out for more conference sessions or activities.
  • Networking Activities: Networking isn’t just for sales people or executives. Effective networking can be applied in any industry and for any individual. Building friendships with people at other companies that have the same responsibilities and understand the same struggles might actually have ways to combat the daily issues in creative ways. Other attendees might even have tips and ideas on tackling the day to day issues that others can use. At EmMeCon conferences we have the usual cocktail hours, dinners, etc. But what makes us unique is that we often schedule activities. They can be anything from a tour of a city, kayaking, hiking, biking, golfing, or resort specific (inner tubing, paddle boarding, surfing, snorkeling, etc). Activities are carefully chosen to build team spirit and networking. Games and activities are designed to encourage growth in team development and encourage networking in a relaxed, fun environment. Each activity is led by a member of the EmMeCon team or one of our speakers that is tasked with encouraging everyone to participate, have fun, and make friends.
  • Fun!: Most importantly we want everyone that attend our events to have fun. Our sessions, activities, dinners, etc. all mask productivity, career growth, team building, networking, and building success that attendees don’t realize they progressed in such a short amount of time because they were all having so much fun!