Setting up your Facebook Ads eBook – Just $5

This easy to understand step-by-step eBook helps you take charge of your advertising spend on Facebook.

You will

  • Learn the basics of Facebook marketing: Six Elements
  • Ask the right questions: Before you get started
  • Identify the four types: Anatomy of a Facebook Ad
  • Set Up Your Facebook Ad: Step-by-step guide
  • Launch a Facebook Ad: Guidelines

Just $5

We’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of setting up your Facebook Ads–the who, when, where, why, what and what-not elements–that every marketer should know.

Facebook Ads let you hyper-target to people all over the globe. So, spending your advertising dollar in social media improves your return on investment (ROI).

About the authors:

Jenn Mathews (SEOGoddess) is best known for her work in search engine optimization. She previously worked for and Concur Technologies, where she managed SEO and stood at the vanguard of online and interactive marketing at the director and VP levels. She started EmMeCon to bring people together in the rapidly-changing world of emerging media. Jenn started the Search and Socialâ„¢ Hawaii annual conference, the Emerging Media Conference (EmMeCon) annual conference, Search and Socialâ„¢ Workshops and Social Day networking events.

Jasmine Stark, has been a writer for two decades. As a technical writer, she’s worked with many Microsoft groups since 1997. Before that she published articles on how interest groups and activist organizations can affect media coverage and legal outcomes to create changes in public policy. Jasmine received her M. A. in Political Science at the University of Washington. She has been immersing herself in social media marketing and search engine optimization. Jasmine is collaborating with authors to produce eBooks and blogs. So, look for contributions soon.