He is S Evan Fishkin.

He works as the Head of Research & Development at Slingshot SEO in Indianapolis, IN.
He is of the firm belief that SEO is a dying industry. And so is the Newspaper business. And look where that got to.
He try’s to be nice, honest, funny, and generally courteous to all people. Should he fail to perform to your expectations, let him know.
Evan greatly enjoys sucking in the vast knowledge and humor of internet
He plays video games (a lot), board games and random music.
He snowboards, skis, and tears up the gym in dodgeball.
He is an Eagle Scout and very proud of it.
He is NOT a Trekkie but has watched a ton of Star Trek. And all the movies. The good ones. Not that craptastic Borg movie thing they made Patrick Stewart suffer through.
He has played every Final Fantasy. Starting with 7, went to 8, 9, 10, and then started from the beginning, and then tried to play XI, XII, XIII & XIV. He has not enjoyed them.
He played Pokemon right up to the moment that they came out with EmeraldGreen. That’s when things had gone too far.
He enjoys a good Mocha from Starbucks. This means that he enjoy a drink that has mocha syrup, whole milk that has been steamed, not foamed, contains espresso shots and DOES NOT HAVE ANY COFFEE GRINDS IN IT.
He likes cookies, brownies, candy bars and Pocky.
He likes Anime so long as it’s not 90% (89% I can deal with, but 90…) full of girls whining all the time – Ranma, this means you.

Evan has spoken at both the Search and Social Hawaii! conference and the Emerging Media Conference in San Francisco – January 2012. Evan is a virtual permanent fixture to most EmMeCon events as a huge supporter in either speaking and/or helping out with AV needs during events.