As we continue to develop the focus for EmMeCon Emerging Media Conference™ one of the main questions we are asked is “What type of attendees do you see?”. In the past our focus was on marketing professionals – presenting them with new technologies to help them market in the ever evolving digital sphere.
I love to talk with attendees to get as much feedback as possible. While I have a vision for this conference, it really is an event for our attendees, and not for me. One of the most common points in feedback was that the sessions were too focused for marketers.

So I pulled a data on the roles of our attendees and found that a majority of them were Executives, followed by an array of of corporate professionals. With over 50% of our attendees in the role of C-level, EVP, SVP, VP, or Management and less than 5% being in a consultant or sales role our event has proven to set itself apart from any other marketing conference.

Our attendees are there to gain inspiration and grow in their career. We carefully work with speakers to ensure that each attendee is getting all they expect from every session. We do not have an exposition hall filled with large booths overflowing with sales people hounding attendees. Our sponsors are few and receive full attention so that they aren’t overwhelmed by competing companies that dissolve their message.
We have changed format from marketing topics, removed “SEO” from the equation, and simply focus on inspirational talks about social, mobile, and gaming. Presentations are from a revolutionary perspective, so we are seeing the Emerging Media Conference take on a personality all it’s own. EmMeCon participants and speakers take the time out of their busy schedule and fly from all over the world to make connections and gain inspiration from this unique event.