EmMeCon events are known for their unique combination of learning and networking and the Emerging Conference is just another event where relationships are developed. We want to provide corporations, small startups, speakers, presenters, and attendees a platform to grow and succeed in a way no other event offers.

The Emerging Media Conference provides an opportunity for corporations to become a part of this unique fellowship of technology focused innovation. Becoming an EmMeCon sponsor means you share in our mission of supporting the social, mobile and gaming technologies that are inspiring society to grow and change.

Each sponsorship is catered to fit the company’s goals and budget. No one is left behind simply because they are still in the growth phase, and no corporation is given priority simply because they have a larger budget. We have packages ranging from a few hundred dollars (swag, flyers, or postcards) up to a few thousand dollars (video advertising, logo placement, exclusive dinners/lunches with key speakers, etc)

Supported Speakers

EmMeCon speakers tackle technology’s toughest topics through inspiration, innovation, and education. We are the hub to new products, services, and ideas that inspire those in the social, mobile, and gaming industry. As an Emerging Media Conference sponsor, you get to be at the forefront of those that inspire.

Motivated Attendees

EmMeCon attendees are unique in their own right. They are intelligent, open-minded, curious, and hungry to learn more about the social, mobile, and gaming technology world we are a part of. The Emerging Media Conference attracts an audience of thousands that are hungry for inspiration from technology’s most innovative and influential thought leaders. From CEOs VPs, Developers, Designers, Marketers, Public Relations, Press, and general technology savvy individuals and broadening with each event. EmMeCon and the Wappow.com website is a source for thought leaders across every role in social, mobile, and gaming technologies.

Not Just a Sponsorship

We aren’t just selling a logo placement — our goal is to create lasting relationships with companies that wish to support the social, mobile, and gaming technology industry. Each sponsorship opportunity is uniquely crafted to meet your goals as well as the needs of our attendees. From sponsoring students to attend the Emerging Media Conference to providing video placement within distributed sessions, or a simple swag insert to hand out to attendees that supports a presentation, we ensure you are getting the sponsorship that is right for your business and your goals.

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