Every year we offer unique awards provided to attendees, speakers, and presenters based on the ideals that make the EmMeCon Emerging Media Conference® what it is.

There are nine awards and one Grand Prize provided by our VIP Sponsor. On Thursday we will be announcing who the awards go to and handing out the prizes*.Awards

There are three means in which we choose each prize:

  1. A Poll set up on the EmMeCon Facebook Page in which attendees will choose who the award will go to.
  2. Social Media Monitoring by our very own social media team who will determine who will receive the coveted award.
  3. Advisory Board Vote through the Emerging Media Conference’s very own Advisory Board who will unanimously decide on who shall receive the correlating award.

Each Award is unique and will be given to one lucky person determined by means of choice for that particular award.

Inspirational Award Categories

Particularly Inspirational

Out of the many mini-Keynotes that will be speaking during the coarse of the event, attendees will get a chance to vote on the topic and speaker that inspired them the most.
Be sure to ‘Like’ the EmMeCon Facebook Page so you can vote for the talk and speaker that was the most inspirational to you.

Socially Influential

Using Hootsuite, we will be watching for Tweets, Facebook Shares, Google+ Posts, and more to determine who is the most socially influential during the event.

Grand Prize

One randomly chosen lucky attendee will get to go home with this highly coveted prize.