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  • Speaking at a EmMeCon Event – There is no deadline for submitting a speaking proposal, however, we do have very strict guidelines for submissions so be sure to read all of the important information before submitting.
  • Submit an Article – You want to write for EmMeCon and see one (or more) of your pieces in our Articles section. Submit your article through our easy approval process.
  • Sponsor EmMeCon – You (or your company) would like to find out more about sponsoring and advertising at our EmMeCon Emerging Media Conference. Simply fill out the form here and a representative will promptly respond.
  • Sponsor An Event – Interested in sponsoring or advertising with another event? Fill out our form and we will contact you immediately to answer any questions and get you set up.
  • Present at EmMeCon – If you’re company has a great new innovative product that you would like to pitch to our EmMeCon Emerging Media Conference attendees, simply fill out the form here and we will help you with your pitch and get you scheduled in.
  • Volunteer at a EmMeCon Event – We are always looking for Volunteers to help out during our EmMeCon Emerging Media Conference, Search and Social Hawaii, our Workshops, and more. Just fill out the form and our volunteer coordinator will contact you.
  • Press Pass – Press is always welcome at every EmMeCon event. Simply fill out our Press Pass Request Form with proof of your credentials and we will send you a free pass.
  • Partnership – So you want to be a EmMeCon partner… EmMeCon Partners provide special discounts to our several thousand members that are not found anywhere else. EmMeCon promotes these offers through a landing page, emails, announcements, and calls to action throughout the website. It’s a great way to get your company exposed to a select audience and some special customers at the same time. Fill out the form to apply to be a partner today.

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