EmMeCon serves not only as a forum for inspiration and discussion but also as a launching pad for entrepreneurs and innovators. Attendees come to be among the first to see new products and services; many being presented for the first time.

Here is a recap of those launched at the 2012 Seattle EmMeCon:

Zoe Harris, Director of Product Management & Go-To-Market Strategy at RealNetworks, Inc., demonstrated Divulge, visual voicemail with busy greeting and voice status.

Currently available for the Android, a version for iPhone users will be available as soon as Apple approves the app.


Chris Maskill, President of Salad Labs, Inc, introduced us to PopSalad. This social gaming platform enables celebrity gossip fans to stay up on the latest news while trading “celebs” as if playing fantasy football. The first game is still in beta though the underlying technology is likely to be used in new games.


Jon Trohimovich, Vice President of Sale and Marketing for CoCollage introduced us to this product.

It enables people in the same physical space to use smartphones to engage with each other through using social networks to create a community collage.

Idan Rubin, founder of WiseDonation.com, explained how observing the ways the wealthy give to charity inspired him to create this software-as-a-service offering. With it, individuals can contribute to multiple non-profits based on a budget. Integration with Charity Navigator helps users select which organizations match their values.


Punar Singh presented The Social Buyer, a pre-purchase decision platform that uses social engagement mechanisms to allow users to request advice from their existing social networks.