EmMeCon brings the world’s leaders in innovation to share thoughts and ideas inspiring advancement that establish a strong fellowship.

A foundation for elite conferences, workshops, and networking events; our events are attentive to innovative technology focused inspiring attendees around search marketing, social media, mobile and gaming. Our attendees are engrossed in keeping up with the latest in these emerging technologies. At EmMeCon our events highlight innovative topics that inspire attendees in technologies that keep them on the cutting edge of digital connection, interaction, communication, and relationship-building (fellowship). Developed by pros from agency, small business, in-house and large corporations; EmMeCon events are designed to foster discussion and collaboration so that attendees enjoy the opportunity to connect with industry experts and fellow marketers while examining and discussing the technology available in today’s fast-moving interactive world.

Tired of the same old conference with the same old topics?

Never fear – EmMeCon is here…

Our conferences focus on topics that are unique to any other conference. Bend your mind, step outside the box, and coerce your brain into looking at technology in a whole new light. With a purpose to inspire, our speakers are carefully selected from a handful of thought leaders in the industry, a mix of powerful unknowns, and University professors. Attendees enjoy networking events and activities where they can relax, continue the discussion, and make new contacts. But more importantly, they go home with a pool of friends and resources they fundamentally stay in touch with after each event.

At broad-and-shallow conferences there are endless mediocre talks that dilute your network time. Wappow’s approach is completely opposite. They seem to bend time and give you more collaboration time, and even time for reflection and working on your own content, by reducing the total number of talks but elevating them to international excellence. They do this by choosing speakers who are out in front of the trends, or who work at fascinating intersections like SEO and social. The net result is that all year, I’ve leveraged what I learned there but also continued meetups with folks with whom I made far more than a passing acquaintance. The result has been marketing, revenue, and branding opportunities I never would have had otherwise.” David Evans Ph.D.

Are our events for you?

  • Ever attend a conference meandering through the large crowds of people with the feeling that you are on your own?
  • How about sitting at a lunch or cocktail party where you may talk to a few attendees but still leave wondering if they can help you?
  • Have you walked through rows of booths, not knowing what technology is right for you?
  • Have you payed close attention to a panel of “experts” and returned home unsure of the value of the discussion or how it applies to you?
  • Have you sent employees to conferences and wondered if they gained insight into the latest trends or truly connected with industry leaders?

If you said “yes” to any of the above, you’re not alone. After years of attending and speaking at some of the industry’s largest, most well-known conferences, a group of University and college level educators, search marketing, social media, and emerging technology professionals have banded together to create events that are far superior.

We’ve been to the big-name conferences and we know what works as well as what doesn’t. So, we’ve put together a whole new experience just for you; events that align you with industry experts and connect you with fellow attendees to discuss what inspires you.

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